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JFK is located on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Cedar Creek, Arizona. We are operated by the Bureau of Indian Education and the United States Department of the Interior. JFK offers classes in Kindergarten through eighth grade with approximately 220 students from the surrounding communities. All our students are members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe or members of other federally recognized tribes in the United States. 

About JFK School



The purpose of John F. Kennedy Day School

is to provide a high-quality education by preparing students to be college and career ready.  


The direction of the John F. Kennedy Day School is to enrich student learning through expanding instructional strategies, and to produce students who are world-ready by closing the digital divide.



The John F. Kennedy Day School staff’s commitment to high expectations is achieved through community-based involvement through activities for all stakeholders, setting high standards, and assuring preparation.  

Beliefs and Values

The John F. Kennedy Day School’s beliefs and values about teaching and learning embrace the premise that all students can learn.  

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